Sample Soccer Practice Plan

Here you will find a sample soccer practice plan. The content is for specific age but the template is for any age. Visit our how to play soccer page for ideas on content and skill development milestones.

Sample soccer practice plan:

Age: Under-7
Time: 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm
practice topic: Inside foot dribbling
Goal: everyone should understand the concept of inside foot dribbling and when inside foot dribbling is most effective. Each child will at least have 150 touches with inside feet.

All plans need to be uniform and consistent.

Warm-up 5-7 Minutes

Intro skill and technical practice (grid work) 15-20 minutes

Fun game for application of skill 10-15 minutes

Scrimmage: 20-30 minutes

The Warm up is not to stretch but gain players attention and set the tone for practice. It should be fairly rigorous but short. This will help burn any needed energy (sugar) before focusing on the topic of the day. Rigorous enough so they become winded but not tired. It should have very little to no set-up needed and be very easy to explain. 

Intro skill and grid work is where delivery is key. This is where learning and development happens. Keep the explanation as brief as you can. True learning comes in application during grid work. you assess and continue during grid work to make sure they are applying the skill to milestone. they need to be touching the ball a lot here. One on one attention even for 5 seconds is priceless so try and make visit each child once to asses and correct.

Fun Game: Any game that focuses on the inside foot forcing them to use that skill in competitive environment with a purpose. Pressure training is key to transitioning it to the real game. Free soccer drills page click here.

Scrimmage: change field size or goal size to help facilitate the use of inside foot dribbling.

Now that you have one try and create on on your own using a different skill. If you need more help see our soccer milestones page for more help on appropriate skill development for your age group.

Soccer Milestone by age group

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