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Have you heard the saying - Throw me to the wolves, and I will return the leader of the pack?

KPS is a soccer resource site that aims to help parents and coaches lead their pack of young players to success. The problem arises when those involved define success differently. KPS is here to assist you in understanding the overall player formation process and offer valuable resources for you as a coach and your parents. 

The Soccer Player Formation Process consists of three phases: 

Let's take a closer look at this funnel to understand why it is crucial to have a solid initiation encounter. 

If we look at the funnel below, we will see how our current soccer model does not meet the mark. The illustration shows the reality of our ongoing soccer development and formation process in US Soccer. 

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KPS is a resource site providing valuable information on the three phases of Formation. I do focus heavily on Initiation and the beginning years of formation. Why? I believe this is we are missing the mark and behind in comparison to global soccer. When you learn about initiation and the importance of this crucial phase you will see why it may not only be the most important phase but paramount to the soccer culture as a whole.

I hope you take something away from the site providing you with a better foundation to teach the game. Soccer for kids in the initiation phase is player driven not coach driven. Learn to teach the sport versus coaching it and your kids will keep playing and progress faster to formation years.

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If your visit today is your last I want to thank you for your time. The web is full of regurgitated and recycled information that page builders create. I assure you I am no way another "page builder". For me creating a site and learning (still learning) all things internet was a reach. The passion I have for soccer and the molding of young players is what drives me to theorize about the significant gift soccer offers the world. All the information you will find here is my personal theory of how soccer should be introduced, taught, and formed.