Futbol Soccer

futbol Soccer as its known in many parts of the world is a rectangular field sport that is played with eleven players. Want to know the rules of soccer? Click here for a run down of soccer rules. Futbol soccer is a spectacular sport that entails creativity, athleticism, and synchronization. Players work together to response to an opposing threat that want to prevent progress of their march to the goal and re-take the ball for their benefit. This is an endless transition in search for dominance and control.

Unlike other sports it is player driven with little control of the sidelines. The manager or coach can try to orchestrate but in the end the players and leaders of the team orchestrate to tactically and strategically respond to the opposing threat. If you like playing strategy board game and like to run then futbol soccer is the sport for you. Want to know more about this beautiful sport? Read through our initiation section and see what it takes for a proper initiation into futbol soccer. Soccer requires abundant dominance of the five pillars of player formation. The five pillars are: 

Biomechanics - Technical - Cognitive - Soccer IQ - Soccer EQ

Ready to find out more about each pillar? Explore by clicking on the pillar you would like to know more about. Futbol Soccer is a complex sport in the formative years but during initiation the game is simple. Learn to play the ball. The ball and your movement with/without the ball is the key to the kingdom to reach your formation phase. 

Futbol Soccer for young kids

When it comes to young kids futbol soccer as mentioned earlier is all about playing with the ball. The ball is the primary teacher under a controlled and optimum environment. Are you a futbol soccer coach or parent? If so the initiation part of the site is a must read to be acquainted with the do's and don'ts of initiation from birth to twelve years old. There is ways to mess this up and parent/coaches do all the time more times than not. As important as it is to unveil proper initiation to your child or player; It's equally important to do so for yourself as a parent or coach.

Explore more about initiation with us here and be part of a global community that wants soccer to be part of our lives and young kids that we care for.