The Soccer Trophy

Don't forget to order the soccer trophy. Soccer Trophies are as basic as basic soccer rules and youth soccer equipment. They all go together and most kids expect one at the end of the season.

Let's finish the season without stress and order trophies early. If your looking for the end of the season cheap soccer trophies that will satisfy the players and the wallet look no further. After many years of end of season parties and award ceremonies I recommend the following end of season soccer trophies. Don't be afraid to be different and try soccer medals instead. They are cheaper than trophies, wearable, and easy to store. Check out these below and click on the image to view many more medals and trophies.

If your into just getting cheap soccer trophies don't worry our preferred soccer trophy vendors have many trophies under $4.00. Check these out below and click on the images to view many more. Most offer free shipping over a certain amount but it won't do you any good if the end of the season party is next week.

Before ordering soccer trophies be sure you have several things ready. I have made the mistake of misspelling a players name and it was very embarrassing. One year I forgot to add the year of the season. Most vendors will give you three lines without charging you extra. I recommend Child's name, team name, and season year. See example below.

Line 1:   John Smith

Line 2:   Blue Sharks

Line 3:   Fall 2009

A couple of other things to remember:  Coaches gift can be a memorable award as well. Make sure to search for coaches gift ideas when shopping for soccer trophies. If your season isn't over yet click here for free soccer drills and learn how to play soccer. Have a soccer question? join our coaches forum and ask any soccer coaching related question. Looking for youth soccer equipment? Click here for a description of equipment needed to play the game of soccer.

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