Soccer Field Layout

Free soccer field layout by age group to better learn how to play soccer and teach basic soccer skills. Coaching youth soccer is player driven. That means your primary role as coach is to change the environment and create an optimum platform for development and success. For a lot of coaches it's knowing what the environment should be to create the optimum platform that is challenging. Here you will find soccer field dimensions by age group for an optimum scrimmage/practice.

The basic soccer skills are simple and made complicated by confusing soccer drills. If you have a good soccer field dimensions and a soccer practice plan that is simple and player driven you will do fine. The chart below will give you what I use everyday on the field in coaching youth soccer.

Soccer Field Dimensions
Age Group Size Length Width Goal Width
4-6 (U6) up to 12 NWS=40-45
6-8 (u7 & u8) up to 14 NWS=50-55
9-12 (u10-u12) up to 14 NWS=60-65
  NWS= A Normal Walking Step   This Aprox.
Futsal size goal (10 feet)

Overtime setting up the layout of the soccer field will be easier. I do the following to setup a field with corner flags, pro-cones, and goals. If you don't have goals use corner flags or cones different color than the cones for lines.

I first setup or make my goal on one side of the field. I then count steps to determine length and setup or make the second goal. I now have two goals as center as my eyes can make them. From there, I count steps to corners from each goal post (or cone). Now I have my soccer field layout. All I do now is fill in sidelines and end lines with pro-cones. I have found this to be the easiest and fastest way to setup a soccer field.

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