Soccer Passing Drills

soccer passing drills

Below you will find free soccer passing drills. These drills are the most effective and simple to understand and communicate to players. Drills online are abundant but a lot are too complicated or glorified versions of the simplest most effective ones. Think progression in every drill you do. Most of these can be modified for young and older ages. Think developmentally and creative in your approach to modify them to meet your needs and age. 

Lines and drills go hand in hand. a lot of coaches are now against lines and think your a bad coach if you still use lines. I don't believe this and this is why. Lines are a second environment for the coach to manage. yes, it makes your job harder but soccer passing drills are meant to focus on passing and you as the facilitator giving verbal commands and corrections. Those lines are meant to control the activity. However, that doesn't mean the players in lines just need to be standing doing nothing. They should be performing something technically, strength, or cardio while in line. A drill is more effective when the players are at a 6-8 of a scale of 0 being not tired and 10 exhaustion. A line should serve that purpose. be creative and manage those environments well. You as a coach are managing environments to create the desired outcome. Adding pressure in three diffrent way helps to build and develop players. The three ways of adding pressure are:

Time, Obstacle, Defender

Passing in pairs is a simple drill but most just leave it at that with no progression to further develop the technical aspect of the process. Check out our video in how you can change it to make it a progressive drill in difficulty.

Follow Your pass: great way to begin warm up before a game and to work on passing in group. The progression is key to assess your team for improvement. Remember to think developmentally and create the environment of success.

Passing in Colors: I love this one for it's simplicity yet progression to game like mental sharpness and fatigue. Doing this consistently during trainings will improve technical ability and mental focus for games.

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