Soccer Drill

Looking for that magical soccer drill that will improve your team and players? I am sorry to say that soccer drills themselves will not do that. The drill may be good and have awesome results but only when the delivery and overloads are appropriately implemented. A drill itself without the proper delivery and overloads is coaching without cones and goals. You are reaching for the potential the soccer drill has but, unfortunately, it is only a hope if the delivery and overloads are missing.

Does this resonate with you? You’d be surprised as to how many coaches (even at the club level) use drills blindly. The truth is that drills are free and abundant. You shouldn’t have to pay for one single soccer drill ever. If you like I can send you 15 drills right now totally free by clicking here. So…what is it about a soccer drill that makes it profoundly successful? That’s the key! Profoundly. Any soccer drill may be successful after a few corrections and repetitions. What makes it profoundly successful is in your ability as a coach to connect the drill to real game scenarios and use overloads to keep the drill as dynamic as a real game. When this is done successfully the drill can be repeated over and over again. The soccer drill that dies after its first try is just a soccer drill. 

The profound soccer drill

The profoundness of a soccer drill relies on your ability as a coach/parent to know what it should transfer to on the field. Your delivery to keep the soccer drill engaging and fresh is a skill that all coaches desire. The key to having this is knowing the game enough or having enough soccer IQ that you can bridge the soccer drill to the game. It is like a chess move that you practice and repeat but not know where it applies in a real chess match. How do you get your pieces on the board so that move can be used or is appropriate. Furthermore, what is the next step after the move is executed. A soccer drill is the same. You need to know how it applies and how it transfers to a real game scenario. Overloads are then used to transfer the soccer drill from a drill to a session. I see too many coaches take a drill then stop and do another drill. Overloads in all five pillars can be used to make that soccer drill into a whole training session. Want to know more about the five pillars? Click here