We recently played a game(u12) where the opposing teams defenders played extended far away from the goal and we were offside many times. Looking for strategy help?

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Jun 14, 2013
Offsides u12
by: Coach Al


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I am assuming your u12 team is playing 11v11. If they are playing the off sides trap as a primary defensive strategy there are a few ways to counter and make that strategy quickly go bye bye.

Since they are u12 they understand off sides trap but at a basic level. This means they can easily be confused. this will teach the other coach a lesson on playing technical versus tactics.

Make you forwards move horizontally at the top. Meaning they shouldn't be set to left or right forward. Have an attacking midfield move up with forwards shifting to attacking side. Basically when you have a team playing the off sides you want to have lateral play...versus runs down field. Once you play laterally the back defense line will have to shift positions to accommodate ball possession. Ball possession at the top half of your attack will force defenders to scatter and commit. (especially at u12) Hope this helps I will post another way as well...

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