Soccer for kids Requires a perfect combination of fun, development, and technical growth.

Soccer for kids should be enjoyable and the rules themselves should provide a platform for development. We share the passion and expertise in teaching the beautiful game to kids. Coaching brings lasting memories and unexpected challenges. What do you want to know about? We can help!

Football or futbol is the most popular and simplest sport in the world. However, as a new or volunteer coaches we seem to find a way to change the game with a coach driven approach. football is the opposite. 

  • The Game for
  • kids
  • should be:

  • Fun 
  • Developmental
  • Engaging
  • Challenging
  • Creative
  • Efficient

The emphasis should always be on development and having fun. KPS  is a resource site providing a lot of information about teaching kids up to age twelve. We create the stage for an experience that will instill passion and create long term fans. As a coach you must choose the path between development and results. A results driven coach uses the seasons performance (wins and losses) to guide his training sessions. A development driven coach uses the progression of age appropriate milestones to be his guide and uses those milestones to be target goals regardless of competition results.

We hope you take something away from our site providing you with a better foundation to teach the game. Knowing what to teach and the age appropriate milestones will help you coach the correct material and let the game be the teacher and you the facilitator. Soccer for kids  is player driven not coach driven. Learn to teach the sport versus coaching it and your kids will keep playing and progress faster. Wins will come as a result of good teaching and development. So choose to be development driven not results driven and allow Kid Play Soccer to give you the tools you need to be coach of the year!

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Milestones: If I asked you at what age a child should be walking you would probably give me a pretty good answer. If I asked you to tell me at what age a child should be able to understand and execute passing during a game would you be confident in your answer?

The sport requires the body and nothing else. There is no stick or bat or anything that facilitates control of the ball. Therefore, it is only natural that milestones in skill development are strictly tied to development in body coordination and gross motor skills.

So lets get started! First, lets get to know your age group and their soccer milestones.

Age group 4-5 y/o  Pre-growth stage of development

Age group 5-6 y/o  Pre-growth stage of development

Age group 7-8 y/o  Growth stage of development

Age group 9-12 y/o Growth stage of development

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