Brazil 2014 Groups Brackets Template

On December 6th 2014 FIFA concluded the final draw of all participating 32 countries. eight groups of four countries make up the group brackets A-H. These are the groups -

A- Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

B- Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

C- Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

D- Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

E- Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

F- Argentina, Bosnia, Iran, Nigeria

G- Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

H- Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea

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Who is happy?

Argentina - They should cruise through to second round.

All of group H - Very even group anyone can come out 1st or 2nd.

Brazil- They are ok with what they got no complaints

Who should be worried?

Mexico - Fortunate to be in the world cup so any group is a blessing...almost eliminated in qualifying rounds!

Australia - in the first group of death

Costa Rica - in the second group of death

USA - Third group of death and man we got three tough matches ahead of us!

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