Late Fall 4-week Scrimmage Mini Session

Whether your child is playing in the leagues, in our fall session, or new to soccer our 4-week mini session will end the year in the soccer spirit! Our 4-week mini session focuses on learning the game through scrimmage play. All 4-weeks will be mainly spent playing real soccer. The coaches will facilitate the matches to create an environment of learning and success.

Late fall schedule is now posted -

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USA in first place to qualify for Africa 2010

Only 233 days until South Africa 2010. Wow, it is almost here. FIFA World Cup only comes every four years and on June 11th it is back. An African nation will host the most watched television event for the first time. The World Cup will last almost two months with up to 3 games a day. This is heaven for any soccer fan. For the national teams, the World Cup has been on their minds for almost the last 2 years. They have trained, competed, and now qualified. Unfortunately, not all nations participate. FIFA allows a set number of nations from each federation to qualify. USA is part of CONCACAF which has 35 associations (countries and islands of North and Central America). Of the 35 associations only 3 will have a guaranteed seat. The 4th place association will take on the 5th place South American association to place at the World Cup. In the qualifiers, USA placed 1st followed by Mexico and Honduras. Costa Rica will have to play two matches against Uruguay to fight for the 4th seat. To get more information and details on 2010 South Africa visit:
FIFA Official Site