New Programs - New Cities

Just4Kicks welcomes the City of Davis and the City of Woodland to our programs. In addition, we will also be adding a Saturday afternoon Benicia program some time this year. We have been thinking outside the box lately in trying to make Just4Kicks accessible to more dual income working families. New this summer is our Jump start mini evening camps. They will be in the evenings (mon-fri) for two hours before dark. Camp will focus on the basic skills in a scrimmage-learning based format. The last day will be a world cup mini tournament day. We will only be registering 20 kids in two age groups. We feel this program with our normal half day camps during the morning will be accessible to much more families. If you have any suggestions on ways we can make Just4Kicks more accessible please contact us. A New idea we have is a Just4kicks for the mom and dad. learn soccer and stay fit and be able to give your child a little competition. What do you think? feedback would be greatly appreciated. our Spring Classes and Summer Camps are now posted -

Major League Soccer Kicks Off In March

The MLS season kicks off March 19th and this year the San Jose earthquakes have a new fan, The NHL San Jose Sharks! Yes, the Sharks will purchase a 10-15% stake in the Quakes. I always enjoyed watching hockey and believe hockey fans can enjoy viewing a good soccer game. They are fairly similar in many ways. I always thought of watching soccer like watching a play or a movie. You need to have the patience and lengthy attention span to see the beginning, the building, and intense threats on either side of the half. Hockey is similar to soccer in that the progress and dynamic relationships on the field or ice are very entertaining. The Quakes and Sharks will share databases of fans and cross promote. The San Jose Sharks fans are great supporters of the city and I can see them supporting the quakes with open arms. The Sharks will benefit as well because there is a growing Hispanic Market in Hockey.Hispanic's share that sideline passion that hockey goers do so I can see that niche being tapped into through the Quakes.
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Coaches Corner

Coaching soccer for the last ten years has been so much fun and now seeing kids I use to coach as 3 y/o come back as 10 y/o just reminds me that I love what I do because it doesn't feel like ten years. It also means I am getting old. This past week we finished off our winter session and the last day we always have the "coaches game". This is a nice way to end the program and for the coaches to show off their skills a bit. I think the coaches have more fun than the kids sometimes but it's a lot of fun for the kids too. It takes a certain skill to play against 15 four and five year old's without accidentally hurting one but those instances our very few. I was reflecting on these past ten years and found out that I have very little pictures of Just4kicks classes or of myself on the field coaching. Maybe this is my way of passively denying the fact that I am getting old but I would like to share some pictures with my grand kids one day. If you have any pictures of classes or ones with myself in them I would greatly appreciate you sharing them with me. If you have video that would be awesome! Thanks for the past ten years. I look forward to the next twenty!