Just4Kicks Teaching Life Skills With a Soccer Ball!

Just4Kicks is starting its 2nd annual winter Fair Play program in Fairfield. The Fair Play program works in collaboration with the city of Fairfield's TP2B after school programs. We will be offering our Fair Play program at the following middle schools: Sullivan, Green Valley, Mary Bird, Dover, and Grange. The Fair Play program is a unique program that uses soccer as a platform for developing leadership, respect, trust, and life skills. We believe soccer is a great parallel to life's challenges and lessons. At the end of the 12 week session schools participate in a friendly tournament. Through our curriculum and coaching we mentor them to play without fear of failure, social stigmas, discrimination, and the uncontrollable. One may think bringing middle school kids together from different schools to play competitive soccer is a set up for potential disaster. However, kids are hungry and eager to be involved in organized sporting events without the pressures and expectations from parents and coaches. It is very rewarding to see kids coexisting, accepting defeat, and facing their fears. In the end, to their surprise nothing is lost and everyone wins as we all share the euphoric joy of soccer. For more info on the Just4Kicks Fair Play Soccer Program click here

2009 just got here and we anxiously wait for 2010!

Yes, 2009 is here and we have a way to go for 2010. However, Soccer fans can't wait for 2010 because the most watched sporting event in the world will revive again as it does every four years. This time South Africa will be hosting the World Cup in 2010. This year soccer fans will be praying, hoping, performing rituals, and anything else that will help their national team qualify for the World Cup. The U.S. national team will begin their 10 game qualifier run in February against our brother rivals, Mexico. USA beat Mexico in 2007 Gold Cup giving them bragging rights as the North American soccer champions. However, Mexico does not like to lose and you bet the rivalry will reach another level in February as they play for a ticket to South Africa. The match will be played at Columbus Crew Stadium In Ohio. One of the reasons I believe this stadium was chosen is home field advantage. Every time the national team plays Mexico in California, Chicago, Texas, Miami, or New York they are the visiting team. The Columbus stadium will be busting at the seams and I am sure our Mexican brothers and sisters will pack the venue. Nevertheless, Sam's army will be present with hopefully a bigger USA crowd cheering our team to victory!

Coach Al's Coaching tips...

.....This month I will focus on dribbling, in particular inside foot dribbling. The inside foot is the core of controlling the ball. Why? As I explain to kids on the field the leg is similar to a hockey stick or golf club. It serves the same function but only it's a part of us not a foreign object. Have you ever tried to hit a golf ball with the face pointing towards you? Good Luck making contact right? That is the same reason we don't use our toe. Our toe is a small thin space of the foot. Where as the inside foot is like the face of a golf club, perfectly shaped to guarantee contact and control. Perfecting touch with the inside foot is the foundation for multi-directional dribbling, trapping, and passing. For the 3-4 y/o they will naturally use inside feet fairly quickly because the size (4) ball size forces them to have as much contact with the ball to make it go. Starting young gives them a huge advantage to building touch on the ball. Forcing kids to dribble in multiple directions will quickly force them to use the inside foot. At first they may keep their eyes down at the ground concentrating on the ball. This is quite alright as they get use to it and build some muscle memory. As they get better at controlling the ball distract them from keeping all the attention at their feet. You can do this by dribbling to different points coded by numbers or colors. This forces them to look up to make sure they are going to the right place. Our 6 week winter session begins in a couple of weeks check out our site for specific dates and times.   Just4Kicks Website


Al Arevalo
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