Spring session is around the corner

Spring session is usually are biggest program during the year. We can see up to 500 kids during the week and we enjoy every minute of it. Soccer for us is a passion and being able to share it with young players new or seasoned is very rewarding. This Spring will also be an anniversary as Just4Kicks turns 10 years old. Just4Kick's first program began in Campbell, CA with programs in Saratoga and Los Gatos. Tom Vischer, Founder of Just4Kicks, was born in the Netherlands and is an ex Major Indoor Soccer League Professional. I was Tom's first employee supporting him on the field during my college years. We expaned Just4kicks to Vacaville in 2003 followed by Fairfield, Benicia, and Dixon. Since then we have expanded to include a Just4Kicks-Sacramento and a Just4kicks-San Joaquin led by coach Adam and Coach Harley. Although Tom is in the Bay Area and I am up here we still get opportunities to coach together. This past summer I assisted him during an all day camp in Santa Clara. that week we played soccer for about two hours straight one day. Tom with 8 kids and I with 8 kids. It was a blast and I think we had more fun than the kids. It gets pretty competitive when we get the chance to play. our Spring Classes and Summer Camps are now posted - j4ksoccer.com

New Just4Kicks SoccerTVBlog

Our Just4kicks website has been growing and it has been a fun hobby maintaining and adding to it. our newest addition is our SoccerTVBlog. It's a Blog that provides U.S. National soccer matches and must see International soccer matches. I keep it very simple with updates on matches and TV viewing details. It is linked to My online ICAL calendar that can be directly accessed through soccerical.com. I began adding matches that I wanted to see on my Ical calendar than had the idea of sharing the calendar with the online community. To subscribe to the blog or access the bloglets visit the link bellow. By subscribing you will also receive updates about new and upcoming Just4Kicks programs.
Just4Kicks Soccertvblog

Just4Kicks in Woodland and Davis

I am thrilled to announce that we will be offering Just4Kicks to the Woodland and Davis communities. Woodland just finished a new community center with three soccer specific fields. The place is amazing and the Woodland community is fortunate to have such facilities. We will start woodland classes this summer. Davis classes will begin this spring at Arroyo park. Please help in passing the word out to any friends in these communities. You can also forward this newsletter. I have been busy getting programs in these locations up and running and am hoping to also offer classes in American Canyon. More on that next month. Sorry for the two E-zines this month. I am still getting acquainted with these new tools.
Click here for Davis and Woodland program details.