Just because soccer season is over doesn't mean soccer players need to go into hibernation!

Just4Kicks introduces a new 6 week winter session! 6 weeks is just enough time during the winter to keep your child active yet compassionate to the parent on the sideline. Some of my greatest memories as a child is playing soccer in the winter. As a child my three brothers and I would wake up before seven on weekends to play on the white frosty grass. We would wear are warmest sweats and double layered sweaters, socks, and mittens. For an hours or so the frost changed the atmosphere and we would imaginatively be taken to a snowy winter soccer field in Europe (slide tackling was the preferred method of defense). Although, we don't offer classes at seven in the morning (we wouldn't do that to you!) you can still create your winter soccer memories this season with Just4Kicks winter classes. I look forward to Seeing you on the soccer field...
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Just4Kicks in the preschools...

This fall Just4kicks provided a local preschool a 6-week Soccer program. The program was a 30 min class once a week for 6 weeks during preschool hours. One may ask why take kids out of the classroom? Well, kinetic learning is one of the most effective ways to teach colors, shapes, group dynamics, and motor skills. Kicking a ball is a very natural movement. Kicking a soccer ball correctly requires balance and control of ones gross motor skills. In soccer we call it "touch". Having great touch on the ball is the ability to control the length of distance the ball will travel when you kick it. When children learn and work on "touch" it is not only a milestone as a soccer player but a milestone in the ability to consciencly control gross motor skills. Our curriculum uses fun creative games to practice and improve on "touch" and teach Colors, shapes, numbers, and work on group dynamics.
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Did You Know...?

Did you know the finals of the MLS Cup was played last month? MLS stands for Major League Soccer, the professional league here in the USA. Our local team is the San Jose Earthquakes and the team name goes back to 1968-1984 when the old NASL (North American Soccer League) existed. In the spring of 1996 Major League Soccer had its inaugural game in San Jose. At that time San Jose came out with a team called the Clash (the Jerseys were terrible). I was 16 years old and my father took my brothers and I to the historic event (I still have the ticket stub). It was one of the most memorable times of my life because I have always wanted to have a local soccer team to support. Until then I was a proud supporter of a team an ocean away. It was also memorable because they played DC United. DC United picked up the most famous and talented player in Bolivia (where I was born). Marco "El Diablo" Etcheverry had the best "touch" in the league and took DC to win multiple MLS Cups. The Clash name was changed to Earthquakes several years later (thank God). In 2006 the team was moved to Houston as the Dynamo, However, the new owners of the Earthquakes quickly revamped a team in the 2008 season. Currently they play at Santa Clara's Buck Shaw stadium. The first league season for the new Earthquakes was a rough one with 8 wins 13 losses and 9 ties. This year Columbus Crew took the cup over New York Red Bulls 3-1. Next season kicks of with a new team from Seattle called Sounders FC. Kasey Keller of USA and Freddie Ljungberg of Sweden lead the team. GO QUAKES!!! SJEARTHQUAKES.COM

Coach Al's Coaching tips...

I frequently get asked by parents what they can do at home to help their child improve. So I will break it down in simple just4kicks fashion "STEPS"... First, keep soccer exciting! If your child is not excited he/she will not retain information and it will not be enjoyable. Secondly, reinforce what he/she learned during class. If it was dribbling with inside feet ask them to teach you and create a game! Thirdly, make sure your reinforcing a positive success oriented atmosphere. We want them to be fans of the beautiful game before soccer players. My fondest memories playing soccer was not playing in tournaments or a competitive match. It was playing for fun with family and friends "just4Kicks..". In the next issue I will take these steps further in detail. Please visit the website often as I am creating a coaching soccer tips page with a wealth of resources and tips.   
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