Just4Kicks Fall sessions begins the last week of August and first week of September. Vacaville Fall SATURDAY classes were moved back to 9/12 start date. Just because your child is not playing in the leagues does not mean they can't play soccer. Our programs our a time efficient way to enjoy the sport without the two or three day a week commitment. Best part is they will learn the sport from a great coach! Warning though, after participating in Just4Kicks your child will soon be excited and may ask to play on a team. This is great as our goal is to expand the sport instilling a passion and getting kids playing locally. our Fall Sessions are now posted - j4ksoccer.com

USA was so close..

If you didn't hear the news about the USA vs Brazil Confederations FINAL...well you need to know. Yes, I said FINAL in a FIFA tournament! This was the first time USA has played in a FIFA final. The most amazing part is they were up 2-0 at half time. However, Brazil being Brazil scored 3 goals the second half to take victory. It was an amazing game that proved USA can play with the big boys of international soccer. August 12th will be the battle of the borders showdown against Mexico in the Azteca stadium in Mexico City. This will be a World Cup 2009 qualifier match and the rivalry just got bigger after Mexico beat USA in the the Gold Cup final last month. If USA wins on Mexican soil in their massive historical stadium it sure will be a huge upset for Mexico. This is one of the most watched rivalry match-ups in international soccer. Don't miss out!
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