This spring we have almost 400 kids in the program. In some cities we maxed out with some on the waiting list. If you were not able to get your child into a Just4Kicks program this spring we have summer programs now open for registration. Parents are beginning to understand that Just4Kicks is not just for the fun but our curriculum and expertise helps children grow in skill and self development. Soccer is a beautiful sport that combines physical fitness, group dynamics, communication, and critical thinking all on one field. When taught correctly with coaches who know what it should look like it's a lot of fun for both the kids and the parents watching. our Spring Classes and Summer Camps are now posted - j4ksoccer.com

Woman's Professional Soccer

Woman's Professional Soccer is back and this is the inaugural year for the new WPS Woman's Professional Soccer league. The Bay Area is representing California which will compete against six other pro teams across the country. The FC Gold Pride will make Santa Clara's Buck Shaw Stadium their home. Some notable players on the roster are Brandy Chastain and Leslie Osbourne. Soccer will always find a way to shine here in the United States. Make sure you plan a weekend to support your FC Gold Pride. Woman's Soccer is very entertaining and we are very fortunate to have both Women's and Men's professional teams so close to us. If you haven't seen a game at Buck Shaw stadium I encourage you to go at least once this year. You are very close to the action and the fans are just as entertaining!

Coaches Corner

Some of you know that I was born in Bolivia and had the chance to live their briefly and visit as often as I can. Bolivia has an amazing rich diverse culture and it's Soccer isn't too bad either. Recently we had a historical win. Bolivia beat Argentina in World Cup Qualifiers 6-1 in La Paz. Many may say that we have the advantage playing in high altitude but Argentina brought out all their European club team players for this one. You might recognize the coach "Diego Armando Maradona". This Bolivian victory makes it one of the biggest upsets in history for Argentina. In 1994 we beat Brazil 2-0 in La Paz to secure the ticket to the world cup in USA. Brazil ended up winning the World Cup in USA that year! We are hoping this is a sign of good things to come in hopes of making it to Africa in 2010. Soccer fever begins to build as the World Cup approaches in 2010. Our week long camps this summer will share in that passion with are own world cup event. Teams pick countries and we celebrate with flags and colors that represent participating countries. It's a friendly tournament that is enjoyable for both the child and parent. our Spring Classes and Summer Camps are now posted - j4ksoccer.com