2011 New Year - New Beginnings

2011 brings exciting new programs for Just4Kicks. One of the new programs is the reemergence of the Triumph Program . In the past we called it the Fair Play program and we had great success in partnering with the City of Fairfield during the summer seasons. This year a new partnership with Elementary schools allows us to bring our curriculum to the kids during the school day. The J4Kicks Triumph program is a character enrichment curriculum using soccer as a tool to teach sportsmanship, team work, trust, respect, and most importantly TRIUMPH. "Character first - skill second" is our slogan and when we triumph everyone does. Why Triumph? words like winning and succeed are overused for purposes of getting results and glorification. To triumph means to do better, overcome, and persevere as an individual. It means to do better than we did yesterday or a minute ago or a month ago. It's a journey versus an end result. 1st through 6th graders receive 45-60 minutes a week of Just4Kicks time during school. We currently have relationships with Edwin Markham and Orchard Elementary schools in Vacaville. A big thank you to the hard working PTO groups and administration in paving the road for us to finally offer our program.Click here to find out more

Spring Soccer League

Just4Kicks recreational spring league begins March 26th, 2011. We call it a developmental league because of the 5v5 format and the attention to player detail. If a 7 y/o child is playing at a 9 y/o level why not let him/her play at that age group? Our goal is to have the teams evenly distributed and that every player is appropriately placed for their ability level. Registration is open and don't forget to purchase your City of Vacaville youth sports reversible jersey.
  • With less players on the field, each child has more opportunities to touch the ball, using and improving their soccer skills.
  • With less players on the field, "bunchball" is much less likely to form. The platform for optimal learning and fun is created through the 5 v. 5 format.
  • All players have the role of offense and defense. No more standing back waiting for the ball. All players have a much higher scoring opportunity and exposure to true soccer.

Just4kicks Spring Session

Check out our adult 5v5 Co-ed league

Spring classes are now posted on Facebook and our site. Registration is open for all cities. We are excited to offer spring Davis classes on Tuesday afternoons. We will be at the beautiful renovated Davis Play Fields Park. We welcome Coach Kelsey to our lineup of coaches this spring as a Lead coach. She is a U.C. Davis undergrad with competitive soccer experience from the Bay Area. We are currently looking for support coaches. Click here for info. Spring is our busiest season so sign up early.